Our Mission

To ensure that children see themselves as capable and lovable whilst experiencing a sense of belonging, connection, self-worth and fulfilment. 

Who are we

Based in Adelaide South Australia, Naturally Gathered has been created with belief that every child deserves to be seen, every child deserves to be heard, every child deserves to feel good about themselves, every child deserves to feel safe and every child deserves to feel like they belong. Everything we create is anchored back to these ideas and our mission.

We will do this through our free blog where we share our ideas and thoughts for pondering. We do this through our individual therapy services. We do this through our therapeutic groups. We do this by facilitating connections nature. We do this by supporting parents.We do this by using a strengths-based approach.

Naturally Gathered is run by Occupational Therapist Bradley Williams who is passionate about changing children’s lives for the better using nature and connections experiences. Brad has experience working with children and families across not-for-profit, Government and Private sectors. Along with this experience he brings knowledge from training in Marte Meo, Circle of Security and Play Therapy approaches. Brad grew up in Tea Tree Gully and spent much of his childhood playing in the local creek, fishing in the dam and making up games with friends.