Nature-based Individual therapy

Nature-based therapy is just that, it’s occupational therapy that is completed in a nature-based bush setting. We often work on similar goals to that of the clinical space however the natural environment offers a range of different opportunities not available to us in the clinic. In this space we can work on self-worth, confidence, social skills, emotional regulation, mental health, physical development and much more.

Currently, we have access to a 200Ha bush site in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide where we can see children under NDIS funding (self-managed only), Mental Health Care Plan (Medicare) or Private funding. If interesting in booking or wanting more information please contact us at

Nature-based Group therapy

Groups provide a powerful opportunity for connection, reflection and belonging. Within groups we can create space for new relationships and experiences that aren’t available elsewhere. Adding a natural environment to the equation provides another layer for connections but also a calming space where children can experience trust and responsibility.

Our Nature-based Group Therapy is not yet available but if you have questions or want to go on a waiting list please contact us at



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