How Do You Parent?

How do you make decisions about what you focus on in your role as parent? Do you rely on instinct?

Of course, we all do in one way or another as it saves energy. But instinct without reflection and focus means that we are relying on our past and societal constructs to guide how we live and bring up our children. I want to advocate for values-based parenting, a different way of approaching life, decisions and our responses from those values that we hold most dearly. This helps to hold these things central and provides us and our children with a guide.

Take a moment to consider what your family value most? It could be a huge range of things - for us it is kindness, curiosity and courage. This is therefore, what we focus on. In social interactions, academic performance, sporting endeavours, hobbies etc. we find highlight moments where these are present in ourselves or others in the family. This is how we decide what measure ourselves against and not society!

P.S There will be more on this in the coming months and hopefully an opportunity to participate in person early next year.

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