Forgive Yourself

It can be easy to be so critical of your past self, of the things that you did as a parent or in other roles. We can say “I stuffed up” or “I shouldn’t have done that”. But this model of thinking, whilst entirely natural, leads to stagnation.

So rather than be critical of these observations, let’s forgive ourselves then celebrate them. Let’s think ‘look at where I am now, at what I now know and can do’. Look at what I have learnt since then. I know it’s a tough pill to swallow when it’s our children’s livelihood we are talking about, however, all we can control is the current and future. And if we aren’t having these uncomfortable moments of guilt then it means we probably aren’t learning. So take solace and find gratitude when these moments show their head, for it means you know more now than you did yesterday. 

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