Bluey is Back

If you haven’t seen or heard about Bluey yet jump a board the Bluey train. Bluey is a a blue heeler who lives in Queensland with her Mum, Dad and sister Bingo. They go on all sorts of adventures - often with Dad as the main character.

The 7 minute episodes showcase parts of Australian modern culture which I love. They are funny and engaging for both children and adults but the reason I am sharing the show with you is because the way the parents approach and support the children throughout. It appears that the characters and their actions during the show have been very thoughtfully put together in a way that clearly incorporates current research when it comes to supporting children’s social and emotional development (in a way that I haven’t seen before). Examples have included giving children space to struggle when they can’t do something, naming emotions rather than focussing on behaviours and supporting problem solving without providing the answer. 

And funnily enough, my wife and I have had some great conversations after the show has finished about how the parents handled situations and how it fitted (or not) into our way of being (e.g. would we do it differently or how could we approach it more like that). We have also laughed about how similar some of the sketches are to our life. 

If you are going to turn on the TV in the next week or so (with or without kids😉), I strongly recommend giving Bluey a go. 

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