What If?

Did you ever see that drawing of the old lady and the young girl, the one where at one moment you could see either the old lady or the young girl but never both at the same time? 

Well I think that it is the same for our children. 

What if, instead of seeing a bratty trouble maker who causes a ruckus at the restaurant, we saw a child who has lots of energy, finds it hard to sit still and is excited about the new environment to explore. 

What if, instead of seeing a clingy, crying kid who refuses to go a play, we saw a child who has an anxiety around interacting with others and engaging in new environments. 

What if, instead of seeing the kid that is ‘attention seeking’, we saw a child who just needs their cup filled with connection before they can go exploring again or do their own thing. 

Does the way you see and think about these children change the way you respond to and support them? How are you thinking about your children and is this current way of thinking helpful for you both? 

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