Setting Limits, Meeting Needs

Our 21 month old is a crashing, bashing, climbing, running and rolling type of kid. Always on the move, which has at times made extended indoor periods tricky for him (and therefore us). He would climb on the back of the couch and the table, which is where we decided to set limits. But if we ignore these needs in this situation it will be an ongoing frustration for the whole family. So we decided to continue to try to meet his need to jump, crash and climb (this isn’t him being naughty but curious and challenging himself - more on this in later posts) - so we made him a crash mat, by filling a quilt cover with foam off cuts. 

He was no longer allowed to climb these other areas but could stand on the ottoman or couch and crash onto his crash mat. He loves it and we would always redirect him here, if he was ever climbing anything else indoors. In these moments, he felt heard as we met his need and he knew the limits, which he mostly follows. 

Each of you will have your own limits but I encourage you explore the need that is being communicated within the behaviour that is being exhibited. Whether it be a physical, social or emotional need, there is always a need that sits behind behaviour. Once you find it, you can set limits and meet needs. 

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