”One More” Must Be “One More”

We’ve all done it, said “one more” before our child repeats those fated words yet again... “one more” and we think ‘ah surely one more will be okay and it beats the potential meltdown’. So then you have one more, before your child says those fated words yet again. Now, I am in a pickle.

In these moments, it’s like “One more” is having a midlife crisis, it’s lost its purpose and is feeling very confused. It’s time that we give “one more” it’s meaning back! Children get so much from predictability, so when “one more” could mean two, three or four more on most occasions child come to expect it, which is fine... until ‘one more’ is the only option (as you really really need to get going). In these moments, we have one very unhappy camper as ‘one more’ doesn’t mean ‘one more’ anymore.  

At home, we practice “one more” when we have the time to support with a potential big upset and more often than not (still not foolproof that’s for sure!) he happy finishes whatever we are doing after ‘one more’. He now knows exactly what to expect when I say “one more”. So this one's simple, if you say “one more” then you gotta put on you big boy or girl panties and stick with just ‘one more’ (whilst you wait with baited breathe for the response). This will get easier for you and your children over time, I promise. 

PS There will be more to come on ‘setting boundaries with kindness’ soon.

PSS (or PPS?) sorry this post contained ‘one more’ so many times but there was no other way!

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