Trust or Responsibilty - Which Comes First?

What comes first trust or responsibility? It’s like the chicken and the egg. 

We all want children who are responsible but how can they feel responsible without a sense of trust. It’s very difficult. Trust must come first. And even the smallest moments of placed trust are significant. 

This is important as in the same way that you can’t run a marathon without training, we shouldn’t place trust in our children for the first time when they drive a car or go to a fellow teenagers party. 

Children may need coaching and encouragement to act responsible but this must happen after receiving trust - I’m not talking about micro managing but rather developing stratagies and skills before trust (more blog posts on this later.) 

Find ways to show trust daily in your 18 month old (e.g. enable them to carry their plate to the table), 3 year old (e.g. enclosures them to make all or parts of their own breakfast), 10 year old (e.g. allow them to go to the park with cousins or friends and no adults). Oh and remember mistakes will happen (this is a guarantee) be ready to accept them and use them as learning opportunities - not in the lecture way but in a reflective problem solving way. They must hear the message “I can be trusted” loud and clear and they will repay you later with responsibility.

How will you place trust in your child today?

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