I’m Not An Expert

And I don’t think experts can exist in the parenthood arena.  Sure, there are people that have plenty of experience and wonderful research based knowledge to share. Much of this information is useful for many people, however there is no piece of information will fit for everyone. You are the expert of your life. You have your own history, beliefs, values, rituals and culture, of which will shift over time. 

All information must be filtered through context. So the best thing you can do is know your beliefs, values and culture. Know what is most important to you and keep long term family goals in mind (e.g. wanting children to be free thinkers or to live meaningful lives). This will help you to decide whether particular ‘expert’ information is useful for you or not. This will help to decrease the overwhelming amount of information available to us as parents. Not everything is for you, right now, in this moment. And that is quite okay.  

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