Routines That Change the Brain

In our brain, pathways exist. There are strong pathways that are frequently used, like a highway. There are weaker pathways that are infrequently used, like a hiking trail. And there are space for potential pathways, like through a patch of scrub. The strong pathways are those that we resort to most of the time, so if those pathways are negative thinking and self-doubt this will be where our mind first goes. This seems to be the tendency or default as a part of the human condition (at least in Western culture)

The best news is that we can change this with regular practice and there is one simple routine you can include in your life that has been shown to have very good results. Finding time to be grateful, be thankful or reflect on something good that happened during the day with others. I have heard lots of ways families fit it into their routine depending on their lifestyle and preference. Often families will go round the dinner table, taking turns at sharing ‘one good thing’ that happened for them today, no matter how big or small. Others wait until bed time to share something that they are grateful for from the day just past. Or perhaps you could fit it in during car rides. Even if it was as simple as the sunshine or the apple they had for lunch, these powerful routines can change the structure of the brain.  

Please share if you have something like this in your daily routine or perhaps this blog inspired you to try something. .

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