Exhausting Days

Being a parent is a wonderful yet almighty task. We have so many days of joy and celebration but perhaps equally as many that are exhausting and deflating. Those are the  days that show our darker side, the ones where we see the things that we don’t like in ourselves. We may be far quicker to snap, find kindness far more challenging to give and feel a sense of disconnection to our children and others around. It just happens that Sunday just gone was one of these days for me, I am generally a patient person but I could feel it going out the window and couldn’t work out how to get back in control of my own ship. 

These days happen, sometimes it will be just one a month, at other times it will be weekly. Sometimes we will get a run of a few days in a row and some of us might even be amidst weeks or months in a row. 

At the end of these days, spend a moment or two to forgive yourself because these days happen. Show yourself some self-compassion and kindness, in the way you would to a good friend. We all have these days. For those who feel like it’s been weeks or months since they can remember it feeling any different, it’s time to reach out because it doesnt have to be like this. Lean on friends or family that will listen and understand, or find community supports or professional help. You’re not the only one and it really doesn’t need to be this way. 

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