Nature Playgrounds Can't Be The Final Answer

This message could easily get misconstrued so I'll begin by saying I think creating nature-based play grounds in schools is brilliant and that replacing our plastic risk averse playgrounds into natural open ended playgrounds is a really good option. I love that this is happening, however, I am concerned that we can become reliant on human built playgrounds whilst forgetting about those playgrounds that nature has already built for us. I worry that we are going to start plonking our manmade nature playgrounds in places where natural play spaces already exist, because we have forgotten how to use them. 

My concerns come from stories such as parents travelling up to an hour to check out nature-based playgrounds such as the new one at Morialta (even though is very cool!) and a friend of a friend spending over an hour online trying to find a nature playground visit, before giving up on the hunt and staying at home. There are natural play spaces all around us, we just need to explore them, find them and learn to get comfortable in them again!


Our Pop-Up Wild Playgroups help parents to find and embrace these spaces, but you certainly don't need us. Look for green patches nearby your house Google maps, walk/drive there and spend 20 minutes there. Given time, your children will generally show you how good it is.

We know that it is so important for children to spend free time in nature for their social, emotional, physical and mental health, sometimes it's a matter of setting aside the time and just getting out there! We'd love to hear stories of local places you have visit or what it is that stops you from going to the such spaces. 

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